ICE provides long-term consultancy roles. This includes the full gamut of software development ranging from vision, to architecture, to specification, and customers and their requirements. Some examples are the launch of flagship products such as Smart Integrator, SmartBridge and webCommerce


ICE has involved TIE Kinetix (client for more than 10 years) in the NESSI and BDV initiatives. This culminated with TIE being selected as co-chair for the NESSI European Technology Platform and SME representative, and inaugural President of the Big Data Value Association


ICE personnel coordinates and conducts multi-million Euro European Projects in the research field such as CREMA, SAM, STASIS, ARUM, SIMPLI-CITY, PREMANUS, INTUITEL, NESSI 2010 and Net-Challenge. This includes Project Management, Impact Coordination and Technical Management


Mr Stuart Campbell, ICE’s Director, led and edited the BDV Public Private Partnership proposal ultimately leading to a future 1000 M € investment in the Big Data Value Ecosystem by industry and the European Union


We concept and establish winning research proposals to help clients access EU Research projects. With ICE’s guidance the clients also developed products which combined research concepts with existing tools to drive clients’ products forward


ICE delivers dissemination concepts and setups of many kinds. Examples of these activities include winning an ICT category first place at ICT-2013 and 2nd place overall at ICT-2010 at the two last editions of Europe’s leading research conference

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