ICE started in the late 90s as a specialist consultancy assisting clients in defining technology architecture, system design and software development activities. ICE personal have been instrumental in shaping up technology visions, solutions and policies. For example, CEO Stuart Campbell led the conception-to-realisation phases of the European Big Data Value Association, later serving as the inaugural Secretary General.

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ICE’s domain of operation is generic but oriented towards developing and exploiting capabilities in business automation, integration and managing end-to-end data lifecycle. Recent applications of these capabilities have been performed in manufacturing, enterprise interoperability, business automation, eHealth and cyber security domains. A parallel focus on research allows ICE to expand into data centric R&D, project management and outsourcing disciplines.


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Through a careful selection process, ICE has built up a winning team that brings together wide-ranging experiences from CTO of multinational company to acclaimed scientists and seasoned software engineers. The expertise of ICE personal have been tested in multiple large scale projects where ICE personal has acted in various capacities to deliver the expected results within time, quality and budget constraints.


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Information Catalyst for Enterprise (ICE) - 37 Crewe Road, Haslington, CREWE, CW15QR, United Kingdom

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