Our Story

ICE was founded in the late 1990s and started as a specialist consultancy assisting partners on commercial RTD, software development, ICT consultancy, and European Union Research and Development project activity


ICE’s domain is generic but is orientated towards the fields of business integration, data integration, data harmonisation, data value, Big Data, business partnership, project management and the R&D outsourcing sector


ICE is an SME providing specialist support and has provided personnel and consultancy to TIE Kinetix, Vintura, Riverland, CMASS, EAN International, Offis, European Standards, ASCORA, and the European Commission


ICE Personnel have been active in multiple large- scale EU projects, incl. as proposal lead, coordinator, project manager and tasks leads; these include CREMA, SAM, STASIS, ARUM, SIMPLI-CITY, PREMANUS, INTUITEL, NESSI 2010, Net- Challenge amongst others


ICE punches above our weight; for example Director, Stuart Campbell, was elected as the inaugural Secretary General of the European Big Data Value Association. Stuart led and edited the BDV Public Private Partnership proposal in the Big Data Value Ecosystem


ICE and its personnel have worked with a wider range of partners incl. Large organisations such as SAP, ATOS, BDS; SMEs such as TIE Kinetix, Answare, ASCORA; Universities such as Alicante, Manchester, and Technical University of Vienna; and many other types of partners

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