Smart Manufacturing solutions help our partners significantly improve their operations by leveraging data provided by connected devices, people and processes.

Take your manufacturing operations to a whole new level!

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Cloud Manufacturing

Predictive Maintenance

Monitoring & Alerting

Automation & Integration

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Complex Event Processing solutions help our partners extract meaningful information from data extracted from multiple sources. The real-time processing of heterogenous data allows us to infer events or patterns that suggest more complex situations e.g. malicious behaviours on the social media or ripple effects of a minor machine problem that are simply hidden from the operator eye

Identify the causes & effects of complex events in the cyber physical world

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Built on top of proven open-source technologies, the ICE Data Platform brings out the best of data management technologies in a user-friendly studio environment. The data management jobs can be executed in the native studio environment of the ICE Data Platform or exported as micro-services to be deployed along the compute continuum

Data interoperability, harmonisation and integration at your finger tips

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