/Job Vacancy, UK

Full stack developers/engineers

(Range of positions available — from Senior to Apprentice)

Location : Cheshire, UK. Preferably Hybrid working (2 days in Office) thus must be in a commutable location for periodic meetings and thus likely to live within a 1 hour commuting radius. In exceptional cases fully remote working may be possible.

Salary : Depends on location and seniority

ICE, Information Catalyst (www.informationcatalyst.com), is a high-tech, future looking, software SME looking for a range of highly motivated Senior-Intermediary Java/JavaScript Full stack developer for our RDI (Research, Development, and Innovation) activity in Cheshire, UK. ICE participates in several exciting multi-million R&D projects (FP7, H2020…), around Europe to strengthen Organisations in the areas of science, technology, and innovation. Our profile revolves around Big Data, Integration, Cloud, Services and generic software development. These projects are large-scale, cutting edge, and include partners consisting of leading IT companies and Universities from all around the world.

In this fulltime function, you will act as one of the members of a multifaceted and multicultural team that performs this software based R&D within the context of these large-scale European and National projects. Being part of this environment means having the chance to work with state-of-the-art technologies at the heart of Future Internet, Factories of the Future, Internet of Things, Big Data and other European Industry and Technological strategic initiatives. As a senior you will report directly to the Senior Project Manager lead and CEO and for non-Senior to the relevant Senior lead.

What do we offer?

  • A challenging job in an international and multicultural environment
  • A competitive salary
  • An opportunity to apply cutting edge technologies
  • An opportunity to work with leading IT companies and Universities
  • An opportunity for flexible working
  • A focus to be a coder still (i.e. not a manager but perhaps a future manager)
  • 21 days of paid leave + 8 Public holidays.
  • 12 Free Fridays – 12 additional paid leave days
  • Covid allowing, after a 2 week, 4 days at the office intro period as part of your probation, typically there is then a 1-2 Month ‘getting to know you’ period of 2-3 days a week in the office. After this then typically there is a full possibility of working just 2 days in our office and the rest from home. Any less and we find that you don’t become part of the team and its just like an offshore contract worker.

What do we expect from you?

  • As a senior you will have 4 or more years of current experience with professional JavaScript (also Java) development (practical hard-core senior coder) with professional Knowledge in JS frameworks such as AngularJS and NodeJS
  • As Intermediary you should at least have 4 years of solid development experience
  • As a Junior you would have just graduated or working for up to 4 years
  • As an Apprentice or University placement candidate you need to be on a course in the development field and show a good interest in the subject
  • Experience with source code management systems such as GIT and agile working practices
  • Ability to think for yourself, come up with options, ideas and solutions and not just ‘follow the spec’
  • You have a portfolio that shows a clear interest in cutting edge technologies
  • You like to build practical, useful software
  • You don’t mind traveling on an incidental basis, to meet our European partners
  • Start date: ASAP

Interested? : Please apply ASAP with a relevant CV, and a simple, short cover letter stating your current situation, your current salary and benefits, ensuring that your CV includes dates of employment; mail to: Stuart Campbell, CEO, Information Catalyst – stuart.campbell@informationcatalyst.com

Example of projects

CREMA : Aims at simplifying the establishment, management, adaptation, and monitoring of dynamic, cross-organisational manufacturing processes following Cloud manufacturing principles. CREMA will develop the means to model, configure, execute, and monitor manufacturing processes, providing end-to-end support for Cloud manufacturing by implementing real systems and testing and demonstrating them in real manufacturing environments. ICEs role in CREMA, as well as originating the proposal, is in Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Harmonisation/Semantics/ETL, and Process Execution/ESB/Workflow.

vf-OS : The goal of the Project is to develop an Open Operating System for Virtual Factories composed by a Virtual Factory System Kernel, a Virtual Factory Application Programming Interface and a Virtual Factory Middleware specifically designed for the factory of the future. An Open Applications Development Kit will be provided to software developers for deploying Manufacturing Smart Applications for industrial users, using the Manufacturing Applications Store at the Virtual Factory Platform. As coordinator ICE is involved in most of these activities.

DIGICOR : The goal of the Project is to provide an open platform, tools and services that allow European companies to create and operate collaborative networks across the value chain. The project will develop novel collaboration and management concepts and implement a collaboration platform and related tools for the setup and coordination of the collaboration networks. In particular the project addresses the integration of non-traditional, small but innovative companies or service providers into the complex supply chain of large OEMs. The project will significantly reduce the burden to setup production networks and collaboration between SMEs, will shorten the time to jointly respond to business opportunities and to enter supply chains of large manufacturers and will simplify the management and control of the production and logistics execution.

RED-Alert : To fight the war against terror, Law Enforcement Agencies are increasingly relying on social media intelligence a new field of intelligence covering a wide range of applications, techniques and capabilities analysing social media data, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Social Network Analysis (SNA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Complex Event Processing (CEP). Commercial tools used by LEAs focus primarily on data mining and predictive analytics i.e. visualizing and analysing data on maps through time-sequence playback, centralizing multiple data stores in one system, discovering hidden value in existing information stores, sharing data with other law enforcement organizations. The RED-Alert solution will cover a wide range of social media channels, in particular new channels such as Telegram and Periscope, which are increasingly used by terrorist groups to disseminate their content. The RED-Alert solution will allow LEAs to take coordinated action in real-time while preserving the privacy of citizens and ICE is involved in the CEP and Data Visualisation activities connected to it.

CrowdHealth : The project aims to make eHealth data from multiple sources interoperable so it can be stored in a big data platform from where it can be accessed in a standardised way for different uses. The main users of the platform are expected to be policy makers and medical research organisations. CrowdHEALTH will develop means to extract data from multiple sources e.g. hospitals, laboratories and medical research organisations. The data from the aforementioned sources is expected to be in different formats. The tools developed in the CrowdHEALTH platform will apply data interoperability and harmonisation techniques to transform the data into a standard format. The standardised data from multiple sources will be aggregated into the big data platform. CrowdHealth will develop the analytic and visualisation technologies that will process the stored big data and provide insight for decision support.